Endless Trial Advanced Walkthrough


Endless Trial is a mission inwhich will put players’ skills to the test. To ensure a smoother playing experience, let’s the guidance of this walk-through!

Endless Trial offers great rewards, while the enemies are at higher level and more powerful. And player’s HP will not be replenished after every fight. So, tactics are definitely needed during play-through.


In order to clear the Endless Trial, the collection of stars is essential. At the beginning of each fight, players can choose among 3 difficulties to challenge on. And the stars rewarded will be 3, 6, and 9 stars respectively. 

The stars collected can be used to redeem buffs or resurrect teammates. All these are beneficial for players at later play-through. As the first few stages are relatively easier, players are advised to go for higher difficulty to collect as much stars as possible. 


As long as the stars suffice, resurrecting teammates would be easy. However, there are still many uncertainties in battle. At times, a good tank is much crucial than a capable healer. During a team-up, players should observe the skills of teammates at front row. In the case of single mode, players will need a better tank character with high magic and physical defence.

When the HP and defence are taken care of, you will then need a good healer. As players will not get their HP replenish after each battle in Endless Trial, the HP recovery of the team will rely on the healer. It is even more so for a long battle.