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Dear Myth of Eastern traveler, our official update will be released soon. we will update a lot of new system, New Function, New Item and etc. at the same time, we also will Optimize a lot of contents. Please Stay tuned!

Update Contents

1. New Feature: Star-soul

  • The Star-soul feature is available at Lv. 68. Putting Star Soul into the character and partner to increase their attributes.

2. New Gameplay: Chrono Hall

  • The Chrono Hall is available at Lv. 68. Clear the stage to get Star-soul and Star Essence

3. New Feature: Observatory

  • The Observatory feature is available at Lv. 68. Utilize this feature to get loads of Star-soul!

4. New Grade 16 Pet: Jade Emperor. New Pet Skill: Gaze-able to greatly increase hit rate

5. The limit of world level will be increased to Lv. 120, the following content will be available at the same time:

  • The level limit of players will be increased to Lv. 128

  • The class skill level limit will be increased to Lv. 128

  • Skill level limit will be increased to Lv. 25

6. New Lv. 125 partner

  • Genbu--The tank

  • Suzaku--The Magical Attacker

  • Byako-- The Physical Attacker

  • Seiryu--The Magical Supporter

7. New Gameplay-Babel

  • Players above Lv. 100 would be able to challenge the Babel. Clear the stage to get loads of Star Stone

8. The Star-up function adjustment

  • 18 stars equipment available for Lv. 110 character

  • Star-up function is available for partners with Lv. 100 above, spend Star Stone for great improvement of equipment

9. Chrono Hall Gameplay Adjustment

  • Lowered difficulty for Chrono Hall

  • Optimize the Chrono Hall unlock restriction of certain star soul

10. New Fate

11. Unlocks second breakthrough of Partner Relic, the upgrade limit increased to +18

12. New Sprit Craft Function

13. New Summer-themed Relic

14. New Feature-Cross Server Gold Battle

15. Matching mechanism adjustment for challenge mode in D. Palace Treasure

16. Peak Battle 5v5 matching mechanism adjustment

17. New Feature-Ancient Fairy Craft

18. New Dungeon-Divine Ascend

19. New Feature-Ascension

20. New Treasure Bowl-Ancient

21. New Feature-Headwear Star-up

22. New feature-EXP Divine Pool

23. New VIP Level-The Diamond

24. Purge adjustment of Journey to West and Divine Ascend

25. New Feature-Divine Soul for pets and mount


1. Guild A. War Optimization

2. Peak Battle 5v5 Optimization

3. Celestial War Gameplay Optimization

4. Partner Assist Optimization

5. Journey to West Dungeon Optimizations

6. Wings function optimization

7. Mt. Huaguo Campaigns Optimizations

8. Divine Ascend optimization

9. Cave Paradise Optimizations

10. Top Guild War Optimizations

11. Partner Feature Optimizations

12. Chat Function Optimization

13. New Report Feature

14. Subdue Tasks Optimization

15. Advancement system optimization

16. Other optimizations