Sage : Support class healing class



Healers are very popular among many players. They heal and protect other players on the back lines providing healing support.


 ❁ Sage skills introduction ❁

Gifted skill: 

God blessIncreases all teammates magic attacks damage.

Class skills:

Flying LeavesDeals damage to a single target. No cool down time.

PoisonMulti-targeting skill that randomly attacks 3 targets. 2 turns cool down.

SaviorHeals 3 allies, cool down for 3 turns. Usually targets 3 of the lowest health units.

Poison VineAttacks 3 enemies at the back row and reduce their attack damage. Cool down for 2 turns.

ReviveRevive skill, cool down for 5 turns. Randomly revives a teammate. The health recovered amount is determined by the casters magic attack.

HypnosisGroup debuff, makes every enemy fall asleep. Cool down for 6 seconds. The higher the skill level the better chance of success.

Poison BreathSupport skill, cooldown for 5 turns. Removes all buffs on enemies.

Energy Skillsingle recover skill, recovers a huge amount of HP on a teammate with the lowest health. Cooldown for 3 turns. The heal effects are greater if the healer has high magic attack stats.

Fairy healSupport passive skill, cool down for 2 turns. Increases the healing effects that last for 2 turns.