Swordsman : The damage dealer that pushes the enemies back!



High damage class, suitable to be in the middle and back row. Works extremely well with healers.


 Swordsman skills introduction 

 Gifted skill:    

Thunder AttackDeals damage to enemy and increase all teammates defence, if an enemy is killed theres a chance to trigger an extra normal attack.

Class skill:

Swift attackDeals damage to a single target, no cool down.

FlurryMulti target attack, Randomly attacks 2 targets and raises physical attack damage on self by 9.6%, cool down for 2 turns.

Moon ChopSingle target skill, Does 3 continuous attacks on a single target, cannot attack on the next turn, cools down for 3 turns.

Sword God Support skill, Removes de-buff on self and raises critical damage, cools down for 6 turns.

Mystic MoveSingle target skill, Deals damage to the most powerful mage on the enemy team and silence it for 2 turns, cools down for 5 turns.

Swords ReturnDeals damage to a row of enemies. 4 turn cool down.

Heaven BreakSingle target skill, Deals damage to a single target and lower their effectiveness of receiving heals, cool down for 4 turns.

Cold SwordSingle target skill, Deals damage to a single target and increase attack damage by 50% if own health is below 35%, cool down for 3 turns.

UnmatchableSupport skill, Critical damage increase by 50%, after attacking, Flurry and Swords Returnskill effects are increased. Cool down for 2 turns.