Taoist : The mage who specialize in frost attacks!



Taoist are good in dealing damage to groups of enemies, suitable to on middle or back row supporting the front row characters.


❁ Taoist skills introduction 

Gifted skill:

Icy RuinsHeals everyone, after turn ends there’s a chance to remove all de-buffs on self.

Class skill:

Tornadodeals damage to a single enemy target, no cooldown.

Ice bombMulti target attack, randomly attack 3 targets with frost. (Reduce enemy’s speed for 3 turns) cool down 3 turns.

Frost StrikeSingle target skill, deals damage to one target and freezes it for 3 turns, cool down for 1 turn.

BlizzardCrowd control skill, Deals damage to all enemy units and freezes them for 2 turns, cool down for 5 turns.

Frost ArmorSupport skill, Added an adsorb shield to allies in the front row for 2 turns. Cool down for 4 turns.

Ice TacticsSupport skill, removes all de-buffs on allies and increases the Taoist’s accuracy, cool down for 5 turns.

Ice BurstSingle target skill, Deals damage to a single target and it will take 50% more damage. Cool down for 3 turns.

Fading SkillSupport skill, Turns Invisible, will not be affected by single target attacks, user’s speed increase next turn, cool down for 5 turns.

Cold ArrowSupport skill, it has a chance to trigger an extra “Frost strike”after attacking and there’s a chance to add a frost effect on the affected target. Cools down for 1 turn after use.