Warrior : The tank of the team! Specialize in reflecting enemy attacks!



Warriors are great in absorbing incoming damage from the front row. They are great at protecting their teammates and dealing damage back to the enemies. 


❁ Warrior’s skills introduction ❁

Gifted skill

RetaliateIncrease attack damage of all teammates.

Class skill

Chop Downsingle target skill, does damage to enemy front row targets. no cool down.

Whirlwindfront row attack, deals damage to the first row, 2 turn cool down.

Halberd Slashsingle target skill, deals damage to a single unit in the front row, self damage resist increase, cool down for 3 turns.

Last hitsingle target skill, charge for 1 round and deals damage to a single target on the next turn, cool down for 3 turns.

Lion RoarCrowd control, deals damage to the first 2 rows, force the enemy to attack the warrior for 2 turns, cool down for 5 turns.

SmashGroup De-buff skill that affects enemies for 3 turns, they will receive more incoming damage. Cools down for 4 turns.

InterveneSupport skill, Protect teammates, takes half the damage.

Steel WallSupport skill, Increase Damage Resist for 2 turns. Cooldown for 5 turns.

RetaliateTalented skill all teammate increase attack for 3 turns, if damage by enemy during this period, Turns defence to attack damage. Cool down for 8 turns.