Levelling Tips for Top-up Players


1. Buy the Role EXP book straight from the market and increase your character level until the next main quests without complete any quests like daily quests. Repeat the step until reach the maximum limit of use of the experience book or the maximum of world level.  


2. Since neither the experience book nor the main quest is available yet. You should start on working on your other quests first then level up with monsters hunts.

3. Sometimes taking part in trivia events will earn you some great exp rewards as well:


4. The Level of the character is important but we cannot neglect the CP and stats, both of them very important as well. The arena has lots of huge reward on a daily basis if you can conquer it. You can collect the points and exchange lots of item from the arena.


5. Bonus stat from the wings, mount and beast are great, especially the advance skill.




6. Treasure Map

Treasure Map is a great way to get the necessary resource and silver. You can find Chang An’s Wei Zheng after opening the map. You can use the gold to purchase the map to start as well. With the Treasure Map you might obtain high grade skill books or accessories with the rate and earn lots of silver with these items to improve your character’s CP and partner from purchased item in market with the silver you earned.

You will get 5 items in Treasure Map with rate. Collect a certain number of 5 items can exchange Picture of Nature that is called High Grade Treasure Map. Inside the High Grade Treasure Map contain much of valuable items. 


With these instructions mentioned above, recharge player can save a lot time in early stages of the game.