The Six-Form Tips


In Myth of Eastern, the formation is an important element in improving CP; a right formation can increase lots of CP. Furthermore a right formation can protect allies at the back row and also increase resistance on front, the consequences would be unthinkable with wrong formation.

The suggestion below is helping players to create a right formation because different jobs with different advantages in their position, so it is impossible to create a formation like examples given by us and according the advantages in position to create a right formation by your own.


Cloud formation is a formation that can increase damage to the first 3 row heroes and position 8, 9 can increase speed.

Formation Analysis: This formation for increase damage. One of main point on this formation is covered the damage on front and core in the centre for increase the core damage. On the other hands, can put the buff type heroes on back for increase CP to all partners.     


Sky formation is a critical type formation but speed of party decrease for increase critical damage each round. 

Formation Analysis: Only position 2 would not decrease speed and the bonus damage on it not very high simultaneously. In this formation better choose Spirit God become the tanker for protect the partner and the core put on the back to avoid enemies kill. 


Wind formation is a formation that increase lots of speed that most suitable in PK mode. It is advantage in assassinate. 

Formation Analysis: The speed increase in all position in this formation is same, so players need manage their position as regularly.


Earth formation is a defensive formation that strong in protection. The main point of this formation is on late game and buff addition. Buff type heroes and supporter are strong in this formation that show off their advantages. Earth formation increase attribute resistance and position 9 increase bit speed and moderate attribute resistance.

Formation Analysis: This formation is suitable for late game if your allies have any complicated skill, any kind of buff, damage or healing skill that are suitable for this defensive formation. Since in 3-4 rounds, your partners will exerting their advantages.



Thunder formation is a complicated formation that suitable for experienced players use. The main point is providing magical resistance and ability of anti-control and position 4, 6 will receive a certain damages.

Formation Analysis: Less controlled by enemies in this formation. Just let tanker in front and try your best to enhance the partners behind enough. To be caution the damages received of position 4, 6.



Dew formation is a formation that increase team’s speed and anti-damage also but it is different since formation was changed and it is ultimate Earth formation. This formation most suitable for warrior. 

Formation Analysis: 3 tankers put on front and the back is healer or supporter.


Let is build the best team to defeat the forces of evil!