Speed Levelling Guide


Levelling your character has never been this easy before! Follow our guideline and you can level up your character in short time! 

1. Work on the main quest until your character level 15, then the Mortal Trail Mission would be unlocked! Completing it 8 times, you will get a huge amount of exp to level up to 20! 


2.  At level 20, continue the main story missions until you can’t proceed any further. When you run out of main story quest to do, go work on the mortal trail missions; when the story quest is available again, go ahead and complete it first, vice – versa. You can also work on monster hunting missions (60 attempts per day) to get lots of exp.  


3. When your character is at lv31, the main story missions are available again. Keep working on them to level up!


4. Other levelling methods: Nan Tian Gate, Arena, Guild missions are all great locations to get lots of experience as well. 

5. If you are looking for valuables and copper coins, Treasure maps are a great source of income! 

6.  World level affects the character’s exp rate as well. If the character level is higher than the world level by 8 levels, all exp gains will automatically convert to coins; if it’s lower than the world level then the exp gain rate is increased a lot. These factors may help you decide on how to progress faster with character levelling.