Increase Quality of Partner


1. Refinement

Activate Refinement by using Potential Orb, reset the quality and skill, is a way to get high-grade skill.


Necessary using Potential Orb: Purchase in market or drop by the game systems.


In the refine process, the basic stat of partner, growth and skills will be change. (Before, After)

The changes of partner's basic stat and skills affect the quality of partner.

Besides that, There is even a chance for you to upgrade your partner’s rank to a higher level when you purify them! (e.g. Superb quality to Divine quality)


3.png                                    4.png

Potential: When max potential then using potential orbs until max, it will increase a lot of attributes.

PS:Dew also can be use since max potential; dew appears in the Treasure Shop with rate.  




**** Obtain Dragon Bone by opening Treasure Bowl****

2. Items

Item contain skill also, skill of partners has many kinds such as attack type, support type, healing type and control type. The same skill is separated in two kinds that is common skill and high-grade skill, the bonus of high-grade skill is greater than common skill.


PS:Since learning a skill it will learned without replace any talented skill but with lower rate.

3. Partner Upgrade 

Upgrade partner by using Partner EXP book.


4. Pendant: 

Pendant usually comes with a random skill that can be acquired through digging, Top-up, Daily login and many other methods. These are available at Market - Treasure.

Pendant skills are differentiate to normal and high level skill, normal skills are green in colour (600 points). High level skills are purple in colour (1200 points).

Pendant has 3 classes that are bronze, silver and golden.

I. Bronze Pendant: contain 1 low-grade skill.

II. Silver Pendant: contain 2 low-grade skills or 1 high-grade skill.

III. Golden Pendant: contain 1 high-grade skill, 1 high-grade skill and 1 low-grade skill, 2 high-grade skills.


The quantities of skill of pendant depend on the composition of pendants. Example, 2 of the golden pendants with 1 skill can compose to 1 pendant with 2 high-grade skills.

Reforging can’t change the quantity of skills and the level of skills but it change the type of skill. Example, reborn can reforge to ultimate skill.


5. Advance

Every partner only can Advance 1 times. After advance, all attribute will increase 5%.


6. Reborn

When the partner is at level 65 it unlocks this system. The partner can reborn a maximum of 2 times. Each reborn must acquire the specific skill.


Your partner will get SS grade after getting a score of 24500. Players can gain scores through refine, quality and quantity of skills, pendant, partner's level, partner's advance, as well as reborn.