Introduction to 81 Adversities


Introduction to the 81 Adversities (Instance).


Requirement of the instance:

Level ≥ 65 levels, Solo challenge.

Entrance of the instance:

Talk to the Royal Guard and enter the instance or on the daily quest’s tab and click the icon of 81 Adversities then it will auto-find through the quest.

Description of 81 Adversities: 

After the instance began, player will faces many waves of challenge until all of the allies dead. 

Each wave gets a little amount of money.

Ranking of this instance is according to the waves of player completed daily and the waves of player completed will be recorded daily as well. On night 12 a.m. will gift away reward according ranking. The first top 3 player will obtain a rare class title with time limit.

Title reward:




Partner’s luck values and hiring:

According to the luck values of partner for dispatch partner to others player for hiring (The more times partner was hired by others player the more reward you can get), can also hiring one more partner from friends or the player same guild with you for helping improve your fight.

Tips for 81 Adversities:

1. This instance records the highest completed waves in a week then start from -10 of the highest completed waves on second day.

2. Hiring partner – choose partner from formation and array.

3. This instance is unlimited to overwrite new record but the money received from each wave only once daily.

4. Because of each wave is exclude regeneration so better choose a partner with healing skill and revive skill. 

5. In 81 Adversities you can check all of the players’ ranking and the partner they hired from the ranking.

6. Please choose your partner wisely before entering the instance because you can’t change your partner after the 81 Adversities begins.