The Gate of Nan Tian


Nan Tian gate is situated on the south side, many powerful beings come here to test their skills against one another. As more and more challengers arrive, it slowly became a place for professional fighters to compete. Rumor says anyone who completes the challenges of Nan Tian gate will be rewarded with a many powerful upgrade gems that will further boost their skills! There are even rare materials to be won for those who succeed in there!

Challenge attempts unlocks at level 22. Talk to Er Lang to participate, its available once everyday and resets on 5am daily. 



Rules of Engagement:

Players can choose all kinds of difficulty challenges from the menu. Just click on the desired level and you would face a boss to defeat. There‚Äôs only one challenge attempt everyday, players can reset the instance and try again but it is only available at 5am.   



By defeating the boss players gain experience points, upgrade gems as rewards and sometimes, rare items like white feather are obtained as well!