Introduction to Market Consuming


Given some guides for Market Trading of Myth of Eastern.

The hot sales in market contain lots of important tools and items that may have special discount on it.

The examples of useful items in market:

1. Potential Orb Pack


The potential orb pack is cheaper than 100 single pack of potential orb and a great partner attribute need sufficient of the potential orbs.


2. A bag of coins


Coins are important and it is essential in early game because skill upgrades and items always using the coins. 

3. Hero EXP book


Levelling will be very slow in late game stages for the players who do not like to auto-play and no enough time levelling. So this is a way to help players levelling as fast as possible.  Hero EXP book contained lots of EXP.

4. Partner EXP Book


Strength of partner is very important as a team. It is because the level of enemies is according the level of player so players need to fight with their enemies with their partner. Partner EXP Book help player to increase level of their partner that improve CP of their partner. Partner EXP Book help players save lots time to improve their partner as well.