Monster hunting mission


Mission time: All day

Challenge attempts: 100 times

Mission requirements: level 23 at least a team of 2 people

Mission statement: Monsters are out on the loose, causing trouble and mayhem to the world. The Goddess Guan Ying is recruiting fighters and warriors from all around the world to stop this threat!  

1. Click on daily page and report to the Goddess Guan Ying.


2. Choose Monster hunting or quick team forming.


3. Form a team of 5 people to get extra bonus effect!


Team Forming with Newbies Benefits:

Players who form teams with new players may stand a chance to earn fame rewards, the more newbies in the party, the higher chance to gain fame (Fame can use to trade all sorts of rare gear). 

4.Now you are ready to challenge the dungeon and fight monsters!

5.Just follow the professional player’s lead and fight on!


6.Once the battle is won, get ready to gain the rewards! 

Form a team to hunt monsters, and you might even acquire the rare antique rewards! You can also gain extra exp for completing the mission as a team with other players!