Q&A Event


In Q&A event will available to the players once they reach level 20. Q&A event have many type of question like general knowledge question, history question and etc. in this event, you can gain a lot of extra knowledge to increase your intelligence 


Mission time: 11.00-13.00 and 1700-1900

Challenge attempts: 2 times 

Mission requirements: level 20 

Before Q&A event starts, players have 2 hours to join it. When players star to answer, system will countdown 20miutes to answer 20 questions. Please manage your time well to answer the entire set of questions.


Upon answering each question, you will get experience, partner’s experience and coin. If you answer correctly, you will get extra. If you get 8 questions correct, you will get a reward and another reward for 16 corrects. If you correct 15 questions continuously, system will inform all players, you are so smart.

Enjoy it.