Demon Pagoda Beginner’s Walkthrough


Demon Pagoda is a prison that keeps ruthless and cruel monsters at bay. This is also a place for players to challenge their skills.

Enemies in Demon Pagoda all possess formidable powers. The players have to be at level 45 or above to challenge it. Demon pagoda is a place to acquire the Polish Stone. Polish Stone is used to upgrade the armors once they reach level 50. It is also a key material to upgrade wings.

True challenges awaiting once you have entered the Demon Pagoda. The enemies are tough and hard to deal with, especially the boss of each level. So, here are some tips to help players with the play-through.



The first 3 levels of Demon Pagoda are actually pretty easy. But things turn tough starting from level 4. Players need adequate powers and effective tactics as such:


Recommended tactics:

1. Reconfigure the team formation to avoid bosses’ skills which hits the vertical and horizontal row.

2. Reserve control effect skills until the Boss unleashes ultimate skills.

3. Ensure good connection among all classes of teammates such as consecutive controlling effect skills, and consecutive buffs casting from Mage.

4. Bosses on every level have their respective weaknesses. Check the bosses’ description to identify their weakness.

Once the players reach level 8 of Demon pagoda, the fight will be extremely tough. The boss on this level will cast group silencing each round. Here are two tips to clear this level: 

1. Take turn to cast control effect on the boss. Note that the boss has resistance to certain skills and cause them to be ineffective.

2. Defeat the monster sidekick duo before dealing with the boss. Focus on dealing with the boss on next round, as the boss will not use AOE skills before being attacked.

In short, teamwork is the key to victory.

The first player to kill the boss in the same server will get extra rewards. Players who have confidence on their skills, let’s challenge together!