​Equipment Upgrade


To fully utilize the potential of the equipment’s, we need to upgrade them first!



Feature Unlocks at: Character level 21

Equipment Maximum Upgrade Level: Level 20


Select Forge on the bottom right corner of the screen to open up the interface.

Level 20 equipment’s can be upgraded by spending Strengthen gem, Players can access it through forge from the bottom right corner of the menu interface. Equipment’s and can upgraded to the maximum limit of 10 levels, but the success rate is uncertain, so be prepared.

When an equipment reaches level 10 it can be upgraded to the next level.         



Click on the bottom right button “forge” to open up the upgrade menu. 

When equipment is upgraded to level 10 and the character level is high enough, then you can upgrade it! 

Equipment upgrade requires lots of materials, among them fine metal can be found in Adventure dungeon only. Visit them regularly to quickly upgrade your equipment’s!