​Partner system


The battles are tough ahead, it would always be nice to have a partner to help you out in the field! Let’s check out the partner system!

1. Partners Recruitment Location

Players can recruit partners from this little guy here, Ting Wong. 


In the depths of the sea dungeon and Jade Pool Maze, there’s a chance to meet potential partners in battles, defeat them to recruit them into the team. 

Some powerful partners require special methods to recruit them. Like the 4 mighty general partners, that requires Arcane Essence to recruit them. Other partners might need secret methods to find them, we’ll leave that for you to discover it!    


2. Partner Types;

According to the partner’s ability and obtaining methods, partners can be categorized into:

I. Normal quality: Most of the partners obtained from partner shops are normal quality ones. Normal quality partners can be upgraded to Superb quality partners.    

II. Superb quality partners: Superb quality partners have higher stats than normal quality partners, it’s level can be upgraded to Divine quality. 

III. Divine quality partners: Divine quality partners can gain a special skill and it has a better range of growth, making it the best type of partner to train.

3. Partner Stats;

Partners and characters both have the same base stats, but some stats are unique. 

These are the different stats:

I. Health: Every partner has health points, during battle if their health point is reduced to 0, the partner will not be able to fight anymore. 

II. Grade: Grades are categorized into C, B, A, S, SS, the higher the grade the better the partner’s base stats.

III. Score: Partner score shows how powerful it is compared to others.

Iv. Growth: Growth can be grate by white (lowest), green, blue, purple and orange (highest).

V. Physical attack stats: It affects the partner’s physical damage rate.

VI. Magic stats: It affects the partner’s magical damage and defences rate. 

VII. Stamina stats: It affects the partner’s stamina limit.

VIII. Defense stats: It affects the partner’s physical and magic defenses rate.

IX. Speed stats: it affects the partner’s turn speed.

4. Partner Skills;

There are 3 types of Partner skills: 

I. Talent skill: Each partner has its own unique talent skill, sometimes there is a chance to obtain a second natural talent skill.  

II. Passive skill: Each partner has a passive skill. To obtain more skills players need to find and activate all kinds of skill books to learn it.  

III. Talisman skill: All talisman comes together with skills. Equipping these talisman can obtain the skills as well.