Auto-Fight system


The automatic system analyses the player’s character level and decides which location is best suited for the character to train. It automatically seeks out monsters to fight and might gain experience and partner rewards.

It is available at level 25

Click on the automatic system see it go as it trains your character!


Automatic system stages: 


At each stage when the character level 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, new map would be unlocked and it gives double the rewards with a chance to gain a new partner!

Automatic rewards:


On higher level difficulties the automatic system gives double rewards and the chances of gaining special high level partners increases exponentially! 

Double points:

A double point is an effect that boosts the rewards of missions such as Automatic system monster hunt.


Basic rules:

You can use double points on automatic fight and monster hunt missions; 

The automatic system has a 50% chance to spend 1 point of the total amount of double point;  

While working on the monster hunting mission, activating the double point feature gives a higher chance of gaining better equipments and double experience and copper coin rewards!

The maximum limit of the double point feature is 50 points, every week you may gain a maximum amount of 420 points.

The double point rewards received can be locked so it won’t be deducted.

The higher the VIP level is, the better the rewards are.